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EASE 2014 Program

MONDAY 12th May

Doctorial Symposium

SLR Community Workshop

TUESDAY 13th May


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Professor Martin Shepperd



Brendan Murphy, Microsoft

“Evaluating Software Development Environments”




Session 1a

Session 1b

“Survey Research”

Session Chair: Andrea Capiluppi

“Systematic Reviews, Mapping Studies, and Meta-analysis I”

Session Chair: Sarah Beecham

Philipp Diebold, Constanza Lampasona, Sergey Zverlov and Sebastian Voss. Practitioners’ and Researchers’ Expectations on Design Space Exploration for Multicore Systems in the Automotive and Avionics Domains – A Survey

Katia Felizardo, Elisa Nakagawa, Stephen MacDonell and José Carlos Maldonado. A Visual Analysis Approach to Update Systematic Reviews

Liliana Guzman, Constanza Lampasona, Carolyn Seaman and Dieter Rombach. Survey on Research Synthesis in Software Engineering

Dina Salah, Richard Paige and Paul Cairns. A Systematic Literature Review for Agile Development Processes and User Centred Design Integration

Daniel Méndez Fernández, Jakob Mund, Henning Femmer and Antonio Vetro'. In Quest for Requirements Engineering Oracles: Dependent Variables and Measurements for (good) RE

Damiano Torre, Yvan Labiche and Marcela Genero. UML consistency rules: a systematic mapping study




Session 2a

Session 2b

“Case Studies I”

Session Chair: Claes Wohlin

“Systematic Reviews, Mapping Studies, and Meta-analysis II”

Session Chair: Jeff Carver

Fabian Fagerholm, Marko Ikonen, Petri Kettunen, Jürgen Münch, Virpi Roto and Pekka Abrahamsson. How do Software Developers Experience Team Performance in a Changing Environment?

Emilia Mendes, Marcos Kalinowski, Daves Martins, Filomena Ferrucci and Federica Sarro. Cross- vs. Within-Company Cost Estimation Studies Revisited: An Extended Systematic Review

Cédric Teyton, Marc Palyart, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Floréal Morandat and Xavier Blanc. Automatic Extraction of Developer Expertise

Christopher Marshall, Pearl Brereton and Barbara Kitchenham. Tools to Support Systematic Reviews in Software Engineering: A Feature Analysis

Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer, Pascal Urso and François Charoy. Evaluating Software Merge Quality

Birgit Penzenstadler, Ankita Raturi, Debra Richardson, Coral Calero, Henning Femmer and Xavier Franch. Systematic Mapping Study on Software Engineering for Sustainability (SE4S)

Mali Senapathi and Ananth Srinivasan. An Empirical Investigation of the Factors Affecting Agile Usage

Juan Antonio Vargas, Lilia Garcia, Marcela Genero and Mario Piattini. A Systematic Mapping Study on Serious Game Quality

Mansooreh Zahedi and Muhammad Ali Babar. Knowledge Sharing for Common Understanding of Technical Specifications Through Artifactual Culture

Muhammad Atif Javed and Uwe Zdun. A Systematic Literature Review of Traceability Approaches between Software Architecture and Source Code




Session 3a

Short papers

Session Chair: David Bowes

Session 3b

Short papers

Session Chair: He Zhang

Federico Tomassetti and Marco Torchiano. An Empirical Assessment of Polyglot-ism in GitHub

Davide Fucci, Burak Turhan and Markku Oivo. Conformance Factor in Test-driven Development: Initial Results from an Enhanced Replication

Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Jeffrey Carver, Oscar Dieste and Natalia Juristo. Replication Types: Towards a Shared Taxonomy.

Akash Kumar Tripathi and Atul Gupta. A Controlled Experiment to Evaluate the Effectiveness and the Efficiency of Four Static Program Analysis tools for Java Programs

Nada Sherief, Nan Jiang, Mahmood Hosseini, Keith Phalp and Raian Ali. Crowdsourcing Software Evaluation.

Alejandrina Aranda, Oscar Dieste and Natalia Juristo. Evidence of the Presence of Bias in Subjective Metrics: Analysis within a Family of Experiments

Cristina Marinescu. An Empirical Investigation on MPI Open Source Applications

Cécile Péraire and Todd Sedano. Essence Reflection Meetings: Field Study

Sandun Dasanayake, Jouni Markkula and Markku Oivo. Concerns in Software Development – A Systematic Mapping Study




Drinks Reception at BCS



Session 4a

Session 4b

“Case Studies II”

Session Chair: Emilia Mendes

“Systematic Reviews, Mapping Studies, and Meta-analysis III”

Session Chair: Austen Rainer

Sandro Morasca. Using Logistic Regression to Estimate the Number of Faulty Software Modules

Florian Häser, Michael Felderer and Ruth Breu. Software Paradigms, Assessment Types and Non-Functional Requirements in Model-Based Integration Testing: A Systematic Literature Review

Diana Kirk and Stephen MacDonell. Investigating a Conceptual Construct for Software Context

Philipp Diebold and Marc Dahlem. Agile Practices in Practice - A Mapping Study

Magne Jørgensen. Communication of software cost estimates

Edgar Hassler, Jeffrey Carver, Nicholas Kraft and David Hale. Outcomes of a Community Workshop to Identify and Rank Barriers to the Systematic Literature Review Process




Session 5a

Session 5b

“Case Studies III”

Session Chair: Magne Jørgensen

“Replications of Empirical Studies”

Session Chair: Stephen MacDonell

Srdjan Stevanetic and Uwe Zdun. Exploring the Relationships between the Understandability of Components in Architectural Component Models and Component Level Metrics

Cleyton V. C. de Magalhães, Fabio Queda Bueno Da Silva and Ronnie E. S. Santos. Investigations about replication of empirical studies in Software Engineering: Preliminary Findings from a Mapping Study

Guoping Rong, He Zhang and Dong Shao. Investigating Code Reading Techniques for Novice Inspectors: An Industrial Case Study

Claes Wohlin. Guidelines for Snowballing in Systematic Literature Studies and a Replication in Software Engineering

Jean Petrić and Tihana Galinac Grbac. Software structure evolution and relation to system defectiveness

Matthieu Foucault, Jean-Rémy Falleri and Xavier Blanc. Code Ownership in Open-Source Software




Session 6a

Session 6b

“Case Studies IV” and “Methodological Issues”

Session Chair: Nathan Baddoo

“Experiments and Quasi-experiments” and “Ethnographic and Observational Studies”

Session Chair: Federica Sarro

Olavo Matos, Tayana Conte and Emilia Mendes. Is there a Place for Qualitative Studies when Identifying Effort Predictors? A Case in Web Effort Estimation

Sherlock Licorish and Stephen MacDonell. Personality Profiles of Global Software Developers

Miguel J. Monasor, John Noll, Aurora Vizcaíno, Mario Piattini and Sarah Beecham. Walk before you run: using heuristic evaluation to assess a training tool prototype

Adrien Mouaffo Tiadjio, Davide Taibi and Kavyashree Jamboti. Controlled Experiments Comparing Fault-Tree-based Safety Analysis Technique

Silverio Martínez-Fernández, Claudia P. Ayala, Xavier Franch and Helena Marques. Artifacts of Software Reference Architectures: A Case Study

Sardar Muhammad Sulaman, Krzysztof Wnuk and Martin Höst. Perspective Based Risk Analysis - A Controlled Experiment

Daniel Rodriguez, Israel Herraiz, Rachel Harrison, Javier Dolado and José C. Riquelme. Preliminary Comparison of Techniques for Dealing with Imbalance in Software Defect Prediction

Giuseppe Scanniello and Felice Salviulo. Dealing with Identifiers and Comments in Source Code Comprehension and Maintenance: Results from an Ethnographically-informed Study with Students and Professionals

Howell Jordan, Sarah Beecham and Goetz Botterweck. Modelling Software Engineering Research with RSML

Giuseppe Scanniello, Miroslaw Staron, Håkan Burden and Rogardt Heldal. On the Effect of Using SysML Requirement Diagrams to Comprehend Requirements: Results from Two Controlled Experiments

Hussan Munir, Misagh Moayyed, Kai Petersen and Krzysztof Wnuk. An Experimental Evaluation of Test Driven Development (TDD) vs. Test-Last Development (TLD)




Industry Session (Chair: Steve Counsell)

Dr Ken Wallace, BAE Systems,UK

I’m A Practitioner Help Me Out Here: Can Evidence Based Software Engineering Really Help Navigate The Iron Triangle Successfully?

Dr James Cain, Quantel Ltd, UK

The Software Oscilloscope


Keynote – Professor Anthony Finkelstein, University College London

The Next 10 Years: the shape of software to come and what it means for software engineering


EASE 2015 (He Zhang) and CLOSE


Walking tour to Senate House


Conference Dinner (Senate House)